WHY PICOONAL Metal Ornament?

This ornament offers several appealing features, making it an attractive choice:

  1. Separate Red Ribbon for Hanging: Each ornament comes with its own red ribbon, which not only facilitates easy hanging but also adds a festive or celebratory touch.

  2. White Aluminum Base: Made with a white aluminum material, it's not just visually appealing but also durable.

  3. Glossy Finish: The surface is specially treated to have a glossy finish, giving the ornament a shimmering appearance under light.

  4. Scratch and Chip Resistant: The surface is resistant to scratches and chips, making the ornament more durable for everyday use and less prone to damage.

  5. Double-Sided Printing: The ornament features printing on both sides, allowing its beautiful patterns or designs to be displayed from different angles.